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New To Scouting? Need a Refresher?

Pack 8 is here to help!

Below you will find helpful information on items your Scout and their family will need in their adventures!

Cub Scouts Essentials 

Pack 8 is a family organization, run by Parent volunteers for the benefit of our Scouts and their families. As such we ask that every person attending a Scout Function be prepared with the following items

Six Essentials of Cub Scouting

  1. Water Bottle (Filled with water)

  2. Skin Protection (Hat, Bug Spray, Sun Screen)

  3. First Aid Kit (basic for bumps and scrapes)

  4. Flashlight

  5. Trail Food (jerky, trail mix)

  6. Whistle

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Pack 8 Recommendations

  • Class B t shirts (Scouts are provided one when they sign up)

  • Closed toes shoes (required for outdoor adventures)

  • Backpack or pack 

  • Scout Rank Books (Pack provides)

  • Reusable Coffee mug (for adults)

Cub Scout Uniforms

When joining a Pack knowing what your Scouts needs to be fully uniformed can be a dizzying effort. This section will help shed some light our Packs uniforms. 

Class A Uniforms

These are the dress/formal uniforms of the Pack and should be worn to Pack meetings, at Campfires, events with the public, or traveling to Pack outings. Class A uniforms consists of:

  • BSA Uniform Shirt (Navy for K-3rd graders, Khaki for 4th & 5th graders)

    • With Flag, BSA, MCC, and Unit Number patches​

  • BSA Pants or Shorts (Navy for K-3rd graders, Khaki for 4th & 5th graders)

  • Rank Neckerchief and slide (Pack 8 provides)

  • Belt (to hold earned Adventure Belt Loops)

Class B T-Shirt

These are the activity shirts of the Pack and should be worn during Den meetings and outdoor activities

The Pack provides a Class B to each Scout when they join.
Replacements and Adult sizes are available for purchase.

Class A Uniforms

Image Pending - Navy 

Image Pending - Khaki

Class B T-Shirt

Image Pending - Pack 8 Class B

Ranks & Advancements

Cub Scout camping basics

Pack 8 Camping 101 

Camping is a great part of the Cub Scout journey, in Pack 8 it is a family affair. We are normally car camping so grab the little items that help make the family comfortable... just no RVs.
You can use this helpful list to make sure you are ready!
There are informational sessions at the start of each Scouting year, and our Outdoor Committee is always willing to help make sure your camping experience is GREAT!

Pack Organization

org chart.jpg

How cub scouting is organized. Boy Scouts of America. (2023, April 19).

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