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"A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room"

-Lord Baden Powell

The Founder of Scouting 

How to Support Local Scouting

Donate your time and Volunteer, 

Be present in your family's journey, reach out to your local unit's leadership team and see what is needed, Unit Leaders, Merit Badge Counselors, even an extra pair of hands can change the world for a Scout. 

Donate Goods and Services

If you have items or offer services, reach out to Scout Unit leadership teams to see how you can help

  • Camping Equipment, Art & Crafts, and Office Supplies are frequently in demand

  • Food prep and Entertainment planning, are among services most Units would greatly appreciate 

MCC's Friends of Scouting 

Support provided to the Mecklenburg County Council is used for scholarships, program supplies for youth activities, volunteer training, and camp and service center maintenance.

Donations help to ensure our Scouts and Council will continue to make positive impact throughout the community. 

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