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Scouting Costs Explained

Pack 8 works hard to keep costs low for our Scouts and their families, however there are costs associated with the program and the adventures we provide. Below is brief explanation of the Dues and Fees that come with Scouting. 

Costs SHOULD NEVER be a barrier to a child's Scouting Journey, Pack 8 does offer needs based confidential Scholarships, Please reach out for more information.

Family fun Cub scouts

Family Costs and Special Events 

Your Scout and family will need certain items to take full advantage of Scouting, These items will need to be gathered by each family. These include: 

  • Class A Uniform(s)

  • Camping/Outdoor Gear

  • Six Essentials 

  • And other items/costs

Additionally, while the Pack does pay fees for Scouts to attend most events, additional family members may be asked to cover their attendance costs.

Charlotte Scout pack

Pack 8 Dues

The Pack does have annual dues of $160 per Scout (as of Aug 2023, subject to change), This can be paid in two installments, $95 by 9/30 and $75 by 3/31. 

These Dues help cover the day to day adventures for our Pack.

Such as, but not limited to: 

  • Rank Books and Advancement 

  • Scout Awards -

    • Belt Loops, Ribbons, and Patches

  • Neckerchiefs and Slides

  • Class B T-shirts

  • Den Activities and Supplies

  • Pinewood Derby & Rain Gutter Regatta Materials 

The majority of funding for Pack events, is done through the annual Pack 8 Popcorn Campaign, in which we ask our Scouts and their Families to help fundraise through Trail's End between September and November each year. This opportunity helps grow our Scouts entrepreneurial & public speaking skills, while touching on financial education. All while ensuring to keep our dues low and providing funding for items such as: 

  • Pack Campouts, Cuborees, Webelorees and Adventure Camps

  • Pack Events - Mega kickoff, Fall Family Fun Day, Blue and Gold, etc. 

  • Unique and Fun Scouting Opportunities 

  • Scouting Scholarships

  • Adult Leadership Training

BSA logo

BSA Fees

Pack 8 is part the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Mecklenburg County Council (MCC), this relationship allows us to provided Nationally and Locally created & curated programming, opportunities and training. While providing key services, such as insurance, leader background checks, and access to scouting resources. 

In Aug 2023, the BSA changed their Annual Membership Fee structure. In the past, Units (the Pack) collected the fees from Scouts and Adult Leaders. The process is now for the individual to pay their annual fees directly to the BSA, on or before their Anniversary Date. 

Those who joined before Aug 2023, will need to pay their renewal fees in March of each year moving forward. 

Those joining after July 2023, will have to Pay a $25 one-time New Member fee and their Annual Membership fee on their anniversary date each year

As of August 2023, the Annual Membership Fee is $98. 

Pay Pack 8 Dues and Fees

Pay Your Fall Activity Fee below- 
$95 due on or before 9/30

Pay Your Spring Activity Fee below- 
$75 due on or before 3/31

(AoLs Do not pay)

"Pay once and be done"

Pay Combined Fall and Spring Dues - $160  

paypal QR.jpg

To Pay via PayPal

1) Click PayPal Button & Login

2) Click Send Money

3) Payee is 

4) Enter Amount 

5) Note the Reason (Dues, Fees, Purchase) and Name & Rank of the Scout(s)

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